About Me


Bookaneers is owned by and primarily operated by myself, Daisy Bazo. I learned to
read when I was 5. By the time I was 6 and 7, I had already made my way through many,
many books including my favorites; the entire Hardy Boys  series (I liked them better than Nancy Drew!) and the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In middle school and high school, I was the geeky bibliophile who spent my lunch hour helping out in
the library. College was a jumble of required classes, extra  English and Journalism courses,
and oddly enough-Public Speaking. Basically I just loved words, and loved using them.

I’ve done a lot of different jobs, but was finally able to open my first bookstore, The Book Basket, in Homosassa, FL. (Hello, dream come true!) I worked there with my son, Mason, until 2009, when family life had to take priority and I shut my store down. Now that both of my kids are in school, I jumped at the chance to get back in the book business.
I decided to open up with a totally new theme to go with my new location. A former customer of mine suggested Bookaneers, and so our current location was born. I love being in Beverly Hills because it is very central to all of Citrus County, and convenient to Inverness, Crystal River, Pine Ridge, Dunnellon, Citrus Hills, Hernando and even Homosassa. We have fun with the pirate theme with specials on Talk Like A Pirate Day, Gasparilla and more!

Giving Back:        We have plans in the works to help our local area become more literate, and we have a strong focus on encouraging young readers. Just since we opened in September 2013, we have donated several hundred dollars in gift cards to local charities and organizations. Future plans include a program to send tokens for free books to area schools. Currently we have a trade in program that will allow you to donate your unneeded trade credit to teachers at local schools. It is a great way to make space in your house and encourage literacy!

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