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Gift Certificates: We offer gift certificates that work just like a credit card, and can be programmed for whatever amount you’d like. Remember, that buying used saves money… so your gift goes further. For the book lover in your life, there can never be enough books!

Trades BannerTrade Program: Our trade program is designed to be easy, and keep you supplied with good books. For each book we accept in trade, Bookaneers gives you up to half the price that we will charge for the book in trade credit. Credit given will be based on each books’ condition and availability. Use your credit that day, or save it up until a special book comes in…
Many people want to know if there is anything that we especially want. We will accept any book that is in good condition, as long as we don’t have a surplus of copies already. Books that are especially popular and sometimes hard to get are: spiritual studies, religious study guides, metaphysics, sci-fi, westerns, Florida, large print, current travel, homeschooling books, etc.
plunder bannerUsing your trade credit: All books may be traded for unless they are marked “no trade” (less than .5% of our inventory). When using trade credit, there will be a 50¢ charge for each book. You may then use your credit for the balance of the cost. Example: a book costs $3.50. We will take $3.00 off your trade credit, and you would owe us 50¢ in cash or charge. So as long as you have trade credit, all your books cost just 50¢

What else do we carry? We also have an expanding selection of cards, bookmarks, vintage jewelry, handmade scarves and more. One of our local artists is Patti Griffith, of Photography by Patti, who supplies us with our frame-able photo gift cards, handmade scarves and handmade hair ties. Patti is a juried artist, whose photography is displayed and sold in several galleries throughout Florida and North Carolina.

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